We help Small Businesses and Solopreneurs reach a new customer base by selling online.  We also help buyers find products and services that they could not find elsewhere.

Hello Hali is a multivendor online marketplace, that gives the opportunity for small businesses to increase their online sales and to reach out to buyers within their community.

Our main objective is to have satisfied users on both ends, whether you are a seller or you are a buyer.  We provide you with the technology, we provide you with all the tools that will help you sell or buy. 

We are a marketplace that connects both ends, in a safe, professional and technologically advanced environments.  Where our sellers satisfy the needs of the buyers, and where the buyers find value in what they purchase.

We provide an equal opportunity for all transaction sizes.  No matter if you are selling or buying 1 item or 1,000; we treat you with respect, we value your business and we will ensure that you will have a memorable journey with us.

Start Selling!

You can create your own store in just few minutes.  We provide you with all the tools to build a solid customer experience, to increase your chances in selling to a wider audience. We want you to grow, and we want you to be profitable.  So, what are you waiting for?

Start Buying!

Visit our store and find products from a multitude of sellers who have put lots of love and efforts into what they do.  Find your perfect gift, or treat yourself with an amazing purchase.  You will be helping the sellers in your community strive, while enjoying using their products.